Useful Resources To Help You Trade Stocks

Useful Resources To Help You Trade Stocks


Barry Ritholtz said that, “The data strongly suggests that very good years in the US stock market are followed by more good years.” Well, if his judgment is true then you need to make your next investment in stocks, and make it fast. Yes, initially it is difficult, but once you learn the art of the stock market you can become a true, gifted professional.

Thanks to the internet and digital advancement today we have several resources through which you can easily learn about stock trading.

Through this short discourse I will share with you some of the resources that can really help you get to grips with trading stocks. 

Economics In One Lesson 

Economics in One Lesson“ is a book written by Henry Hazlitt. This is an important economics book which you must read if you want to trade stocks. The book talks more about the basic concepts of economics. The class of the book is that it is written in very simple language. The book is made up of short, manageable chapters. For stock trading, you need to understand the nature of money; without this understanding, you will not be successful. The book gives you good concepts with regards to money and its nature. 


“Stocks easily outperform treasury bills, gold, bonds and other such securities.”

Stocks easily outperform treasury bills, gold, bonds and other such securities. NASDAQ is home to an outstanding guide defining the way to approach the stock market of today. The name of this guide is “Getting Started in Stocks“. The guide talks more about how to make perfect trading decisions and what amount of time you need to invest, etc. The guide is very easy and simple to understand. It has all the practical information which you require. As a person interested in stock trading this guide is absolutely necessary for you. 

Wall Street Journal 

Having trading information is not enough to achieve success on its own; rather, you need to seek the experience and services of a financial planner if you really want to succeed. You need to find the right planner for you – see to it that they don’t charge you an exorbitant fee. 

How to Choose a Financial Planner” is a well-known guide featured on the Wall Street Journal. The guide helps you in choosing the right planner. Following this guide will get you the right financial planner, who maximizes the returns on your investment. 

Larry Summers

“Larry Summers has a well-known podcast by the name of “How the Economic Machine Works”.”

Larry Summers has a well-known podcast by the name of “How the Economic Machine Works”. The podcast gives you an in-depth understanding of the investment decisions which you make. It essentially analyzes the forces that serve as the back bone for economic growth. Both short and long-term debt cycles have been discussed by Larry Summers. And that’s not all; he also discusses the different formulae that contribute to economic success. As a person interested in stock trading you really need to study this podcast. 


One of the best online sources available for financial content and investment information is Investopedia. The website is run by a group of data scientists and financial experts who know what they are talking about. The site has different types of information for everyone, with the main aim of assisting people in their investment and trading decisions. The website tops the list as far as Google’s first page ranking is concerned. 


The five sources mentioned above can be reached by you easily, no matter which country or part of the world you currently reside in. Thanks to the internet, things have become very easy and accessible nowadays.

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