Examples Of Algebra In Everyday Life: It’s Not Wasted

Examples Of Algebra In Everyday Life: It’s Not Wasted

Algebra is a very important ability and has a great value in life if we understand it well enough. It helps us figure out the
basic scientific discipline and prepares us for analyzing information within the news.

By replacing numbers with symbols algebra can truly help us in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at some real-life example of how this subject has been helping solve our basic problems:

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Early Life:

Since childhood kids makes use of pure mathematics to calculate trajectories associated. A small child is in a position to assess the direction of an object approaching and is even able to confirm the position wherever the thing can land by simply estimating the space between them and the object are therefore able to track the time, speed and force. Though they are unaware of the concepts of algebra at this moment, yet our minds are accustomed to calculating such complex motions.

Business World:

Exchange rates and interest rates are often represented algebraically

Businesses require sales forecast and estimation. To convey your ideas in a more professional format, we draw graphs and charts to explain our hypothesis. And what better way than a simple linear equation to do the As for the people working in the finance area, exchange rates and interest rates are often represented algebraically.

Home Landscaping and Renovation:

So you have a big old house and you feel the carpet is all messy and needs replacement or you want to paint up your old tatchered walls. How much material to buy, you think?
The answer lies in volume and cost calculation all of which implies algebraic rules.

Investment Portfolio:

With your investments you tend to calculate the compounding interest associated with the different financial products and hence calculate the most profitable options. All this is again calculated with simple rules of algebra.

Calculating Daily Expenses:

We used algebra in calculating our daily expenses

You went grocery shopping and have a list of products to buy however you have a limited amount of cash. You now have to calculate how the cash can be used to buy the required items and what are the possibilities. So if price of one banana=a, one apple=b and one guava=c and you have to buy 2 bananas, 3 apples and 1 guava then the amount of money needed would be 2a+3b+c.

Sports And Games:

Whether you play basketball or just sit on your office chair and throw paper balls in thrash can, you are subconsciously calculating the force and distance required. Unintentionally in all sports the projectile motions are determined by rules of algebra.

Algebra is all around us. Whether we are blue collared workers or white collared employees, algebra is an integral part of the way we approach and do things. Technology, cooking, Fitness etc. in some form or the other, all these fields make use of simple algebraic calculations. So even if you don’t want to expertise in the complex understanding of integrations and differentiations, you should at least encourage yourself and others to respect and learn the basics of this subject of myriad applications.

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