About Me

Hello, my name is Gummy and I am an investment expert with many years’ experience trading stocks. I created this website for people who don’t like to keep their money in savings account and who actually want to take on the challenge of investing in different options that can give them far healthier profits. 

Another purpose of this website is to promote basic mathematics. You may be astonished by what can be done with basic mathematics. I have enjoyed a career as a successful investor because of my strong knowledge of mathematics. There is a strong link between knowing basic mathematics and making correct investment decisions. 

Like most people, I was very worried about my retirement plan. I was thinking of putting my money into a bank to try and earn a fair amount of return on it. Initially, the idea fascinated me; however, later on when I started to calculate the future feasibility of this option I came to realize that putting the money in a bank will only help me to survive, not to live. After doing some research, I came to realize that if I really want to make some serious money and truly enjoy my retirement, then I need to take some risks and I need to make some serious investment decisions. 

My plan paid off; thanks to my investments, today I can safely say that despite being retired, I belong to the upper class of society. In fact, I earn more today than what I use to earn during my working years. My success has made me realize that the phrase “no pain, no gain” is absolutely true. You need to take appropriate risks if you truly want to become successful in life. 

I have written countless blogs on my investment career. You can find all of these in the blog portion of this website. Not only that, but I have written many other blogs related to the advantages and disadvantages of different investments. I keep writing blogs so that people feel connected with me. I usually share my expertise and experience in these blogs so that people may have a bit of practical exposure to the industry. 

There are many blogs that I have written on basic mathematics which I have also shared in my page. In these blogs, I have shared some wonderful basic mathematics techniques through which you can become faster than a calculator.

I have also shared blogs which tell you how basic mathematics can help you in making the right investment decisions. 

I have a video page as well in this link in which I post different videos related to different subjects pertaining to investments. In various videos of mine I have shared basic mathematics lessons as well. The point is to communicate with you on a personal level, so that you may learn the art of investment. I have also shared videos of different financial advisors who really know the art of investing. I have shared different videos recorded by popular basic mathematics experts as well. 

I want to keep this page a two-way communication between me and you, more of a social website where we can learn from each other as a community. You can make friends and discuss different issues pertaining to your financial matters with other people in your network. Similarly, if you have an important article, video or even a personal experience to share, I would be thrilled for you to do so. The beauty of this page is that everybody possesses a degree of knowledge and everybody can help the community as a whole. If you have something you would prefer to discuss in private, then I can arrange a personal consultancy meeting with you. 

If you feel you would like to take these challenges on and you have what it takes to make the right investment choices, then consider registering yourself on this page!