5 Tricks You Can Do with Basic Mathematics

5 Tricks You Can Do with Basic Mathematics

Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”

– Shakuntala Devi 

Basic mathematics can do wonders for you in your everyday life. Through this art you can solve complex mathematical problems quickly and with utmost accuracy. Basic mathematics is a skill which is held in high esteem by almost all the major organizations of the world. This is the reason why most employers utilize basic mathematics in their recruitment tests. Similarly, basic math is also important for choosing the right investment options.

Weird Tricks That Can Help You Do Weird Things 

Now let’s see some of the weird things which you can do using basic math tricks. 


“Through basic math you can sort out coins perfectly without even looking at them.”

Through basic math you can sort out coins perfectly without even looking at them. Just tell your friends to mix up the coins and throw them on the floor. The only question you’ll need to ask is, “How many coins are lying heads up?” Blindly shuffle and flip the coins and try to sort them into two different piles. The magic is that by doing this you’ll end up with the similar number of heads in both the piles. 

Barcode Number 

There is a technique in basic math through which you can identify the last digit of the barcode of any bottle. Yes, this looks funny as different products have different bar codes, but what I am saying here is absolutely true. This technique can help you win a lot of casual bets. 

“Try to spell the word silently and for each letter move one word forward.”


You can establish a connection with anyone in a book store if you and the other person are holding the same book. Try to begin with the starting page and you can select any word from the first line of the page. Try to spell the word silently and for each letter move one word forward. Keep moving forward till you reach at the conclusion of the page. Finally, announce the word on which you have finally landed. The magic lies in the fact that even though you did not have a vague idea from where the other person started from, you both end up with the same word. 

Birthday Week Days 

There is a mathematical trick through which you can exactly tell the weekday of somebody’s birthday without looking at a calendar. This is one surefire way to blow your friends’ minds with your magic math! 

Human Calculator

Tell your friends to multiply four-digit numbers and jot down the outcomes, but also tell them to write some answers wrong. Briefly look at each of the problems written by your friends and explain to them which ones have been deliberately changed by them. This will surely surprise them big time. 


These are just some of the weird and wonderful things that you can do using mathematical tricks. These tricks can be learnt by you without any difficulty; all they require is a little effort and practice. 

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